• Every student is expected to register for all courses and pay required fees in a timely manner.
  • First time students may not register for course above the grade Bible Study Program (level II) (Exception to this are recognized ministers.)
  • Invoices will be issued by NBBIC for all students. (NO REFUNDS OR FEES ISSUED ONCE SECOND WEEK HAS BEGUN)
  • Withdrawal Procedures:
    • Any student wishing to withdraw from a course must do so by informing NBBIC instructor in writing or e-mail is also acceptable.
    • Courses withdrawn from after the 5th week of class with receive a letter grade of WP if they have completed and pass mid-term WF if midterm was not taken or failed. WP allows a student to retake class immediately. WF requires the student to take one other course before retaking course.
  • Students failing 3 courses or more will be placed on academic probation and required to speak to an advisor before enrolling for any additional courses.
  • Students wishing to change their study level must do so before the 5th week of class and are still responsible for all fees.

  • Sunset Bible Institute online course may be transferred for a fee of $10.00 per course for all levels.
  • *NBBIC requires 3 courses to be taken as an NBBIC student for degree program

  • A Certification Of Completion will be awarded to all students completing a minimum of 5 courses.
  • AA degree of Biblical Studies will be awarded upon completion of 20 courses at level III.
  • Bachelor of Biblical & Ministerial Studies degree will be awarded upon the completion of 40 course at level III.