In the summer of 2002 Brother Kevin Bethea was invited to speak at the New England Lectureship being held in Boston, Massachusetts. It was at this lectureship that he spoke with Dr. Charles Cook from the Sunset International Bible Institute. This meeting led to Brother Bethea being introduced to the new Satellite School initiative at SIBI, and being invited to participate in the program.

In January of 2003, Brother Bethea enrolled in the Sunset Satellite School Administration training classes for new satellite schools. Shortly after arriving back at East Baltimore church of Christ, the East Baltimore Bible Institute Satellite school was begun and ten members signed up for the first class, which was “The Gospel of John”. However it was decided that the class was going to be structured similarly to a normal higher learning commuter class. After becoming adjusted to this higher structured learning vehicle to train church leaders and members, and due to the abundant blessings of our Lord, the new Belair Road location began. It was decided that more classes would be made available.

In January of 2005, a meeting was held with Brother Truitt Adair, president of SIBI, regarding EBBI (East Baltimore Bible Institute) to leave the standard Satellite school structure and to become an affiliated school working with Sunset. This was due to the fact that NBBIC had applied and was granted the status of being a degree granting institution through the State of Maryland. This arrangement was agreeable to both SIBI & EBBI (our former name). The school was then restructured to meet state incorporation guidelineS for general boards of Trustees, president, executive board, and advisory board.

In 2009, we decided to change the name from the East Baltimore Bible Institute to Northeast Baltimore Bible Institute and College (NBBIC.org). This was done to attract those who supported the former Northeast Christian Junior Bible College in Pennsylvania.

As of 2011, we have Brother Bethea, Instructor and President of the Bible college, Brother Edward Maxwell Instructor and Dean of Academics, Sister Andrea Lorick, Student Affairs Coordinator, Sister Ornetta Craig, Administrative and Data Entry Coordinator, Brother Eric Lorick, Instructor and Finance Officer, Brother Gary Smith, Online Instructor, and next Spring Brothers Willie Rupert and Garrick Cook will officially join us as Instructors. We are now planning up to five classes this Fall/Winter 2012, and we look forward to adding additional faculty in the near future.

This institution originally started with the purpose of helping to prepare men and women in the East Baltimore church for greater service in Christ. We began with one Saturday morning class and one instructor. However, over the years it has evolved into more than we could imagine, especially because we were so limited in our old edifice. Now, since acquiring our new facility, we have been able to continue developing the Northeast Baltimore Bible institute & College into what it is today.

We are looking forward to building a new facility in the future to house our college. This future building is still in the planning stage and will make a wonderful addition to the vision and goals of the congregation. For many years, we have dreamed of fulfilling the Lord's teaching, instructing and equipping the Saints for ministry in the Mid-Atlantic area of our nation.

In the Fall of 2019 the Coronavirus pandemic swept the globe which shut down most countries, including the United States. Due to the huge economic paradigm shift throughout the country, most industries were forced to move their businesses online, as were most academic institutions. The Northeast Baltimore Bible Institution was transitioned to an exclusively online Campus.